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I am a big fan of tracking your fitness and health habits.

Tracking your habits

Tracking your fitness routine

Tracking your nutrition

If you aren’t tracking, how would we know how we are doing and where we could improve?

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Now, I understand it can be daunting. Some people are not into tracking, which I can empathize with. The thing is you don’t need to track your nutrition and exercise forever if that isn’t for you.

When you are starting into your fitness and health journey, you need to have an idea of what your nutrition and fitness habits are.

Maybe you do amazing during the day but have a habit of snacking at night. Perhaps you even binge eat at night (I have personally struggled with this!). Starting the day off strong with veggies and lean meat. Somehow ending off with 2 boxes of Oreo’s and a tub of ice cream.

When tracking your fitness you can see that you are able to do more:




A deeper range of motion

Or a combination of all four.

In order to change your habits, we need to understand them

Start out by tracking what you are eating and when. Log which days you go to the gym, and which days you seem to always cancel on. After you see what your habits are – we can start to implement change.

If you absolutely hate what you are eating. Or you are working late every Thursday but try to force yourself to get to the gym at the end of a long day – you will ultimately fail.

Your habits need to be something that you can see yourself sticking with for the rest of your life.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can never have treats, skip a workout or enjoy a few cheat meals. That wouldn’t be realistic.

However, depending on your goals and timeline, it may mean cutting out the junk for a while and finding that extra day in your week to hit up the gym. You can then slowly incorporate treats back, and shorten the amount of fitness you get in a week, in once we are closer to our goals.

You can be fit and still enjoy the occasional piece of pizza or treat yourself with a small portion of ice cream. These things should not be part of our everyday diet though.

We don’t want to give into every craving as usually cravings are temporary. It is fine to have an occasional treat!

It is also perfectly okay to miss a workout every now and then because your body is screaming for rest.

Track your fitness and health habits in order to stay accountable! If you need any suggestions, or need any help please contact me so I can help you out!

If you want to read about the mental perks of tracking your fitness and health habits, click here!

Now that we’ve discussed why you should track. Let’s get into how you should track either your calories or your macros.

Your Coach Chantal Alexis – Simplifying fitness to get to your best you!  

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