How Do You Get To Your Goals?

How do you get to your goals?

What is the best way to get to your goal. Say you wanted to lose 20 pounds. What would it take in order for you to achieve  this?

1. Focus on your current habits

2. Fix what you are putting in, in order to get the output you desire

3. Focus on your level of commitment to get to where you want

4. Have an action plan

Let’s break down these four points

First, in order to change old habits, you need to acknowledge them. Be aware of what your pit falls are.

Do you have a habit of late night snacking? Not planning a packed lunch then getting so hungry you “must” stop somewhere on the way home?

Are you living on coffee and running out of energy by the end of the day?

These are problems you have to be aware of, in order to change them.

Second, what are you doing to take steps toward your goal. Are you making sure to get enough steps in every day? Diligently packing a lunch and making sure to eat it so you don’t get to the brink of hunger pangs.

You want to anticipate the problems you come across in your week and have a solution BEFORE they happen.

Third, what is your level of commitment? Anything worth having is never easy. If you are only kind of wanting your goal – you will have a hard time achieving it.

Be honest with yourself. What are you willing to do to make your goal a reality.

Lastly you need an action plan to reach your goals! How many times a week are you going to work out? Where will you do your workouts? Which days and for how long will you workout?

We can’t get to our goals by throwing random darts at our goal board, putting a lot of effort in some days. Not enough effort in other days.

To make your goal a reality you need to be realistic and set a plan for yourself. Once you have a set plan you can take action to get to where you want to be!

If you have any questions on how to do this, or what it would look like, let me know! I would LOVE to help you reach your goals!

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