5 Tips To Hit Exercise Goals Faster

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Psychology can play a major part in making fitness feel easier. Why not use known ways to trick your brain to your advantage?

Here are 5 psychology tips to hit your exercise goals faster!

1. Count the reps down not up

2. Break your goals down into as small as blocks possible

3. Self talk, this is huge to be the friend you need when things get tough

4. Make yourself a personal mantra

5. Out of sight, out of mind

So, lets talk about how these tips will allow you to get to your exercise goals faster and easier.

5 Tips To Hit Exercise Goals Faster Fitness Blog Motivation Health Weight Loss Fat Loss Workout Mindset Online Fit Coach

First off, you want to make sure you are counting reps down.

Counting down allows you to get more excited. Think of how many things we count down for – New Year’s, space launches, gameshows, sporting events and more. It’s more mentally satisfying thinking it’s “only 3 more reps” vs I am on rep 12 out of 15.

We want to use any advantage to our ability. Counting down is more beneficial in giving you the illusion you are that much closer to your goal. In conclusion the next time you workout, count your reps down, not up!

Second, you want to break down all of your goals to as small of blocks as you can.

If you have a goal to stick to your fitness program for 10 weeks looking at the full picture can seem overwhelming, daunting and far out of reach. However, looking at what you can do for your goal week to week, or even better, day to day. You are giving yourself the control to do your best everyday, bringing you one step closer to your goal.

Essentially this can apply for everything! Including your workouts themselves. If you want to exercise for 30 minutes, you would break it down to six 5 minute chunks. Thinking of beginning exercise when you have 30 minutes to do, can put you off from starting at all. However, if you just have to do 5 minutes, that doesn’t seem so bad.

That is to say lowering the barrier to start will give you motivation, once you begin the activity. Motivation does not come from smacking us in the face while we are sitting on the couch. Motivation comes once we start the activity, knowing we can push a little further, farther and faster.

Thirdly – the way you speak to yourself is EVERYTHING.

Imagine hearing you’re a failure, you will NEVER be able to do this, you suck or why even bother. This would be dejecting and demotivating. You would quit before you even start. However, if you heard “you are MORE than capable!”

“You are powerful and can do whatever you put your mind too!”

“You are strong and resilient!”

In essence, this would make you far more likely to stick to the program and push through.

Forth, there is a reason top companies, professional teams, and athletes have a mantra. They work.

Making sure you know why you are wanting to do something and reminding yourself of your driving factor keeps you driven and focused. If you make sure to say your mantra and have your personal goals list said every morning and night, you will be able to push harder for yourself. By keeping what is most important in mind, it will allow you to easier overcome the inevitable obstacles life WILL throw at you.

Here is an example of a mantra

“I work hard for the things I earn. I do not expect perfection for me to hit my goals. I love myself and will do what is best for my body and mind. I expect progress not perfection. Well done is better than well said. My thoughts will not hold me back from my goals.”

Fifth and final point. When you are wanting to change yourself and commit to something, it means letting go of bad habits.

We cannot have these coming back to haunt us, as it’s easier to do what we’ve done, then what we are trying to do.

To summarize, this means getting rid of any tempting crappy food in the fridge and the cupboards. Not allowing ourselves to reach for a coffee every morning but starting with water with a slice of lemon. Going to bed at a reasonable time so you won’t even feel like you need the coffee!

Keeping our distractions out of sight, so they won’t easily tempt you back into old ways.

There is a reason some people refuse to have a TV in the bedroom! It makes them complacent and too easily drawn to watch one, maybe two, heck binge a whole season of their favorite Netflix show.

Keep it simple. Remove the negative distractions while putting your positive ones forward

Place your water bottle, gym shoes and bag front and center. Leaving it in the back of your closet means it will be in the same place you’ve kept it the pass six months.

Keep your fridge stocked with healthy choices like lean protein and lots of colorful veggies. Prep your food! Don’t leave lunch to the last minute so you feel “forced” to grab something unhealthy to quell your hunger.

Without a doubt you are more likely to make the right choices, if you take the bad choices away and make the good choices more obvious.

I hope this helps! To that end if you want to understand more about the mind and fitness, check out this article regarding how exercise impacts mental health

If you want to read more about psychology and fitness, click here!

Have the most amazing day! If you need any help with these tips, please feel free to message, email or contact me through social media.

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Your Coach Chantal Alexis – Simplifying fitness to get to your best you!  

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